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Salone del Mobile

Milano - 2018

For the first time, Karpa was part of one of the biggest design trade shows in the world, located in Milan, Italy, called Salone del Mobile, with 400 000 attendees yearly. Since it was our first entry on this fair, we decided to present some of our latest pieces, textures and finishes, with the biggest stand ever made by us.

As usual, visitors were dazzled with some of our unique pieces, most of which, with Albino Miranda's heart and soul transforming its shapes.
Some of our most wanted pieces were the “Orion” display case, “Sigma” dining table and our “Triton” armchair, but everyone got out of our stand with a complete new catalogue of possibilities that for sure will be a big part of their projects in the near future!

Once again, thank you so much to those who paid us a visit, and feel free to remember this show in the gallery above, and a list of the showcased pieces on the gallery below.