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Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de St. Cloud

Hotel Project

The Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de St Cloud Hotel has the appearance of a country house but with all the luxury that characterizes this 4-star hotel.

This magnificent hotel has 110 rooms, including 7 suites, four pools, a spa, two gyms, 24 tennis courts.

This hotel has a lot of popular pieces from Karpa, including the magnificent Acacia sculptural lamp near the outside pool, created by the sculptor Albino Miranda, as well as the unique Orion display case or Ruby floor lamp.

In the famous restaurant, all the tables and dining chairs are from Karpa's, where Calypso, Sigma and more than 30 Luna are included. Our gold leaf screen Roots and Gaia coffee tables are also an assigning their sense of exclusivity and art to this hotel's luxurious areas.