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Zenite Boutique Hotel & Spa

Hotel Project - by Nini Andrade Silva

Opened in 2021, Zenite Boutique Hotel & Spa is the new 4-star hotel in Angra do Heroísmo on the beautiful island of Azores. This hotel was born from the junction of two buildings: an 18th century mansion destroyed by the 1980 earthquake and another building built after this date.

The hotel has an offer of 46 accommodation units spread over three floors - 37 are standard rooms and five junior suites featuring an unique interior design made by the prestigious Nini Andrade Silva Atelier, who took has major inspiration for the hotel's general concept on the Portuguese Discoveries and the “The Gold and Silver Route”.

The history of the city was the basis of the narrative of the entire process of decorative and architectural creation. From the XV century, Angra do Heroísmo welcomed the career ships of India that arrived filled with gold and silver, as well as spices and porcelain.

Some eye-catching pieces, such as the reception desk and the reception suspension lamp with fiberglass blades as well as various sculptural washbasins were brought to life by Albino Miranda's unique hands, following Nini Andrade Silva's vision and intended concept.

Karpa has been also kindly requested to help creating a luxury resting area in the major suites with the Gaia coffee table.