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Restaurant Project

Opened in August 2016, Sensais is a charismatic restaurant in Monaco, Monte Carlo, where indoor and outdoor environments invoke exclusiveness and refinement as their main features.

With a dining room for up to 80 seats, a private room specially designed to accommodate personal and professional events, and an enviable outdoor setting, this restaurant is certainly a must-stop for any visit to Monaco.

In its decoration, where inspiration in Nature and its organic lines is paramount and where Karpa played the main role, we find pieces such as the Athos and Calypso dining tables, which, supported by the elegant Monaco chair of our partner brand GANSK, bring life and sense to the whole dining room.

In the private room, a beautiful ensemble between our Sigma table, Ruby lamp and Leafs lighting panels are the soul of the space.

Many other surprises and details, including author pieces developed by Albino Miranda, are present throughout the space, definitely giving the seal of exclusivity and closing perfectly this magnificent project.