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The Company

The Beginning

Founded in 1989, Albino Miranda, Ltd. is a company that is within the decorative sector, creating and developing furniture and sculpture. Starting with the Gestos brand, the company has debut on the market with a stone composite developed by Albino Miranda, in order to conceive decorative sculptures. With its progress come however new investments, such as the adaptation to the unique furniture, combining stone with exotic woods and custom finishes.

In 2009, with the need to take the first steps in the international market, the company embraces a new challenge, presenting their latest brand of furniture in fiberglass, Karpa, designed for interior and exterior and composed by a wide range of artistic, unique and luxurious products.

Making off of a Karpa product
Design process of a Karpa product

The Future

It was in 2015, with Karpa focused on artistic and unique solutions and the desire to expand to different markets, that the company launched the GANSK brand, in order to serve markets that look for something more simple and elegant, proposing innovative, modern and sophisticated fiberglass furniture.

Escorted by a team of 35 highly responsible and dedicated professionals, Albino Miranda, Ltd. progresses with the ambition to reach the highest quality in all its products and services that go from thetddesign and the project, to all the technical support of budgeting, production, finishing and delivery in the most varied areas of decoration.