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White finish, LED lighting.
*A limited edition of 100 units, signed by Albino Miranda

  • Dimensions:

    280 x 263 x 320 cm
    110 x 103.5 x 126 in

  • Weight:

    200 kg
    441 lbs

  • Reference:


Can I customize?

All KARPA products can be changed in finish and/or shape. Contact us and give a personal touch to each piece!

Additional Details

  • An exquisite piece of art that draws inspiration from the majestic Acacia tree. This remarkable sculpture showcases a striking trunk, from which graceful branches extend outward, culminating in three mesmerizing domes. At the heart of the sculpture, a radiant light source illuminates the surrounding space with a soft and alluring glow. The seamless integration of nature-inspired elements and the captivating play of light make the Acacia Sculptural Lamp a captivating addition to any setting. Its unique design and enchanting illumination create an ambiance of elegance and charm, making it a focal point that effortlessly captures attention.

  • Structure: Resin reinforced with fiberglass, lacquered in white mate RAL 9010, suitable for outdoor;
    Lighting: 1 LED spot 20W;

  • Lacquering:

    1. Clean with a soft cloth soaked in a mild soap solution;
    2. Dry with a clean soft cloth;
      *Do not use abrasive/corrosive cleaning products.